Five Speculative Books Featuring Tarot


I’m quite proud of this list, as I think it’s got a nice mix of selections, and I’m pleased to see that it got a large response from the commentariat as well. (To whom it may concern: I didn’t mention Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber because the only Zelazny I’ve read is A Night in the Lonesome October.) And while I didn’t have the space to say this in the article itself, let me take the time here to advocate that everyone read the first ten Lord Peter Wimsey books in order, not just skipping straight to the Vane novels. You’re missing an absorbing arc of character development, some enjoyable mysteries and at least two stone cold classic novels if you don’t read all ten books.

2021 in review

At Strange Horizons. I’d like to add that I finally saw Eternals a few days after I turned in my portion, and I would undoubtedly have added it to the roundup if I’d seen it earlier. It isn’t quite as transcendent as The Green Knight and Dune, but it’s a great movie that does some really interesting things with the MCU (and with natural light, Kevin Feige wasn’t blowing smoke with that line). I’ve been enjoying the Kieron Gillen comic too, and I’m glad I read it beforehand since it did help me keep some of the characters straight. Ikaris is notably hotter and smarter in the movie, which is also interesting.

Happy New Year!

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